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Name : Farming Simulator 20
 Publisher : GIANTS Software
 Play mode : offline
 Version : – Google
   Category : Simulation
Size : 468MB
  Update : Dec 13, 2019
   Available at : Google Play 

Download Farming Simulator 20 APK Android

Hello everyone, the return of the game Farming Simulator 20 FS 2020 for Android, with its new release for 2020 from the giant company GIANTS Software with realistic graphics and simulation of reality for managing workers to establish the city of dreams The page on social media, for others to enjoy the game and everyone will enjoy playing

The city is a place with many opportunities to lead a successful life. But the city is also a busy and busy life, and everyone is trying to work to become rich. There are many people who want to leave their home country and go to the city to start a business in order to become successful. But most of those who have succeeded want to return to the countryside to enjoy a peaceful life. But people rarely fulfill this desire, because once they succeed in the city, people will be bound by many things. For example, they must continue their work so that they can earn enough money to care for their families.

If so, why not try to return to the beauty of the forgotten region and become a farm manager in Farming Simulator 20. The game was released by GIANTS Software for mobile platforms, and this is also the publisher that released earlier versions of this game, such as Farming Simulator 18, and Farming Simulator 16 ... This game has been launched on PC platforms and consoles before, it is very successful and got a lot of praise from the players. Although it was released not so long ago, this part of the game was chosen by the manufacturer to adapt to the mobile version. This is the continued success of Farming Simulator 19 on PC platforms and consoles, and promises to bring players great relaxing moments with his farm. The game will get a lot more improvements compared to previous games, including things like graphics, features, scale ...

The game plot is clear and easy. Understand, almost everyone will realize right from the first game. He is the player who enters a farmer who lives in the American countryside and works on his land to earn a living. He will gather and grow on this very land so that he can produce and sell products to earn money. You will be with him in developing the farm.

The gameplay in this game is still similar to other games in the same type of farm management, but there will be a lot of differences in it. The same will have to be built and developed by his player to make it grow. The difference is that the gameplay in the game is very similar to reality, and has no imagination like Happy Farm, it is very close to reality to give players a great experience. The truth is that the way the game is played is not difficult, but the game requires players to invest a lot of time to be able to achieve their goals. Initially, the player will manage an extensive farm located in North America; the size of the farm is huge for players to explore freely. The special thing about this game is that players can control their characters as they ride horses to move between areas on the farm. The player's task when playing this game is very simple, that is, developing your farm.

اFor the first is that players will have to start plowing their plots in order to be suitable for farming. To be able to dig, the player must first have the seeds, and to get the seeds, the player will have to buy them from the store or grow the previous crop. After being able to sow seeds, the player will have to take care of and fertilize them in order to grow. After fully developing to be ready for harvest, players will have to collect and deliver the harvested agricultural products to the factory for packaging. Once the preparation and packing work is complete, the player will have to transfer these products to a commercial site to sell to earn money. But we also forget that after harvest, there will be extra unusable trees, so why don't players use it as pet food? Besides farming, players can also breed some animals to earn additional income. For example, raising cows so they can milk them, raising sheep to get their fur for sale ... but to get the product, the player must also take care of them. Eating and healing them ... to ensure their health and maturity.

Supported media
Don't you think you'll have to do all of these things manually? If so, the task will take years. But the player did not have time like this. Today is an era when technology has evolved strongly. In fact, there were a lot of machines born to help people in breeding and farming. So in the game, there will also be a lot of modern reality-inspired machines to introduce into the game. Modern vehicles such as Harvester, Tractor, and Cotton Technology ... Support tools will include things like Beet Technology, Planter, and Power Harrows ... in order to harvest crops, the player will use Harvesters to accommodate the product, and trailers will be towed by the tractor.

Great map
The game map is very large, and the game map will be divided into many different regions for the person to choose. The area will be marked with ordinal numbers, and players will have to pay some money to be able to unlock it. Since the game map is very large, players will not be able to walk until the end of the map or use the tractor as a means of transportation. So players will be allowed to ride horses to move. This feature will give players a feeling of being the real cowboy.

Various levels
The game has three levels, with each level having a different difficulty level for player selection. The first level will be New Farmer, at this level the player will be provided with a plot of land for a farm and already has some equipment available. This is the easiest level for players to get used to how to play the game. The most difficult level will be the starting level from the beginning at this level, the player will start without any help at all. This is the situation closest to reality for players to experience.

This is the most visible change in this game compared to other versions of the game. However, it does maintain 3D graphics format, but the graphics quality has improved significantly than before. Although the game map is comprehensive, all details in the game are carefully completed to achieve the best player experience.

Farming Simulator 20 is an exciting country simulation game for two players to try.

Important! Warning
 To set up and run the game, you need an Android 7.0 and arm64-v8a (64 bit) device, which is a device with 3 to 4 GB free memory, otherwise it will not be installed or run. If your tablet processor is not suitable - your phone does not install the APK and this does not mean that you have an Android 7-8-9 system.

Farming Simulator 20 FS 2020