Among us Mod Menu Android, Mod Apk, Download

Among us Mod Menu Android, Mod Apk, Download – Everything is Unlocked and New Map for Free from Innersloth LLC.

Version:  2023.7.11

Among us Hack Mobile

Among us Mod Menu Android

It’s a very good game with a great idea and it’s made as a simple, very fun and competitive game.

It is a free game with in-app payments, developed by the American studio Innersloth LLC. The game is available in different versions for different platforms.

It is one of those games with an interesting focus so much that millions of players from all over the world came to it as soon as it was released.

You can play without an internet connection via Wi-Fi with your friends or family and participate from 4 to 10 people in this beautiful game with a simple and fun story.

Among Us game story for Android

The story revolves around an intergalactic spacecraft.

The spacecraft crew understand that the spacecraft has certain problems and that they act very quickly and work together to solve the problems.

But among those crew, one of them is a traitor

At the start of the game, this person is randomly selected from among the players

Players should never tell others what role they are playing in the game and try to fulfill their duties according to their role.

If the chosen character is one of the main crew for you, then you should try to find the ship’s problems with the help of others and solve them by doing various things.

But if you are into a negative character or an impostor, you should follow this character’s special missions and try to cause sabotage.

This simple and attractive idea made the game between us facing unparalleled popularity among players around the world.

So far it has more than 50 million downloads in the Android version of Google Play alone.

Aside from the offline part, there is also an online part in the game between us, so if you want to try the game with other online players all over the world, this possibility can also be provided to you.

The whole game is simple, 2D graphics and without complexity.

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