FTS 22 Mod APK OBB DATA Coins Download for Android

Download First Touch Soccer 2022 Mod Apk Obb Data Offline for Android, with latest transitions, great graphics, with direct links.

FTS 22 First Touch Soccer 2022 Mod Apk Obb Data Download

Download FTS 22 Mod Apk Obb Data for Android Offline 

A new era begins in the popular football game known as FTS, a game that has been in operation for several years and has given us the opportunity to reach many people from different countries through this community that has put in a lot of effort.

Little by little as we progressed we were able to strengthen it and who knows how to recognize the work, effort and time we put into the game to constantly improve and update it.

The hallmark of the house is that we are always looking to bring you something innovative and different in every batch we make, and as football is currently preparing for another season.

We have decided to take the next step by offering our first official installment based on the new 2022 season.

FTS 22 First Touch Soccer 2022 Mod Apk Obb Data Download

First Touch Soccer 2022 (FTS 22) Mod Apk Obb Data Download

One of the most prominent features of football is the fans that give an identity to each team, and last year due to the epidemic, it turned out that without the fans, football does not live in the same way, these days it is disappearing little by little. Little is back.

The normal situation and this is also reflected in the level of football and in many leagues we have already seen the return of the fans, but with the corresponding health measures.

The latest innovation in FTS is the use of face masks for fans, yes!

As well as actually!

This is not so, because it was also possible to modify the capacity or entrance of the fans so that the stadiums look the same in reality.

If you ever imagined being able to edit clubs based on user choices "ThePeopleGames" along with the hallmark of player editing house based on their characteristics and appearances, this is indeed a reality!

With the arrival of this new phase, we unite to offer you this complete and promising rendition.

The advantages that this rule gives us is that we have been able to definitively leave all those bugs in the functional mode that we dealt with throughout the 2020 handover.

Confirmed transfers for the new season

We give you the number of signatures that have occurred so far that are already included in this batch:

Europe area transfers:
  1. Barcelona: Con Aguero, Emerson Royal, Eric Garcia.
  2. Paris Saint-Germain: Wijnaldum.
  3. Real Madrid Club: David Alaba.
  4. Bayern Munich: Dayot Opicano.
  5. Olympique de Marseille: Gerson.
  6. RB Leipzig: Henrichs, Angeliño.
  7. Liverpool: Konate.
  8. Milan: Mike Minnian.

In the case of players who have completed their assignment and must return to their teams, they will be merged once the club that owns their card has made their decision

America Area Transfers:
  1. Club of America: Miguel Lin, Fernando Madrigal.
  2. CF Monterrey: Hector Moreno and Esteban Andrada.
  3. UNAM Pumas: Washington Corozo, Efraín Velarde, Higor Meritao, José Rogerio.
  4. Tigres UANL: Florian Thuven.
  5. Leon Club: Santiago Urmenho, Omar Fernandez, Elias Hernandez.
  6. Syndicate: Douglas Costa.
  7. Atlético San Luis: Marcelo Barofero.
  8.  Tuzos Pachuca: Nico Ibáñez, Avilés Hurtado, Yairo Moreno.
  9. Atlas: Julian Quinones.
After a long season, football gives the teams you fought for a new chance to shine in the First Division:

Already promoted clubs are merged:

Premier League
  1. Norwich City (1st place in the championship).
  2. Watford FC (2nd place in the championship)
  3. Brentford (beaten Swansea in the promotion qualifiers)

  1. RCD Espanyol (1st place in promotion with 82 points)
  2. Mallorca (it is strange that he repeated the same point number with Espanyol, but with a better goal difference)
  3. Determine the quota.

FTS 22 First Touch Soccer 2022 Mod Apk Obb Data Download


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