Ni no Kuni: Cross Download for Android

Download NI NO KUNI CROSS WORLDS APK for Android is a Ghibli-style RPG for mobile with great graphics with direct links.

Version:  2.03.014

NI NO KUNI CROSS WORLDS APK Download for Android

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds APK Download for Android

Ni No KuNi Cross Worlds is a new role-playing game for Android from Netmarble that offers a great open world experience with very high graphics.

Join young Emperor Ivan and help him on his adventure to found a new empire.

With the help of his friends, he unites the world against the terrible demon.

Welcome to the world of Ni no kuni!

After the emperor is overthrown during a coup, this young emperor (Ivan) sets out on an extraordinary adventure, who must unite and take care of his people against the forces of darkness.

Join him in participating in an unforgettable adventure. This title brought very beautiful anime graphics to the world of computer games.

The game is designed by game development studio LEVEL-5 and its characters are beautifully created, these beautiful designs are the structures of famous artist Yoshiyuki Momose so

Elements This game, along with a very nice story and a decent sound, will create a great experience for you.

NI NO KUNI CROSS WORLDS APK Download for Android

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds – Pre-register & Download

Other description: Japanese role-playing game with stunning graphics, colorful and glazed environments.

You are venturing into a beautiful empire, but this beautiful land is threatened by a terrible evil.

Now the protagonist Ivan is trying to follow the path of the great emperors, getting help from many friends and facing the conspiracies of many evil forces.

It is not only Ivan who dreams this dream, success saves the world, of course, Ivan has opponents with whom you will face.

The graphics of this game are very beautiful and it's all over. You can venture into the world of this game for a long time and not get bored because the designs of this game have a very high artistic value.

Exciting, dynamic, unique and informative gameplay with amazing sound and graphics as well as epic narration are the outstanding features of this beautiful game.

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NI NO KUNI CROSS WORLDS APK Download for Android

NI NO KUNI CROSS WORLDS APK Download for Android


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