PUBG New State APK OBB Download For Android

Download PUBG NEW STATE Apk Obb for Android IOS is an action game for Android created with proprietary Global Illumination technology.


PUBG NEW STATE Apk Obb Download for Android IOS

Download PUBG: NEW STATE Apk Obb for Android IOS

PUBG NEW STATE is an action game for Android created using the proprietary Global Illumination technology.

This means you will be amazed at its graphics and the story will take place in 2051 with all the chaos engulfing the world.

But the main goal, like the other versions, is to survive as the last person, and at the same time, various elements try to stop you in this direction.

One of them is the ninety-nine other players in the game looking for the same target that you are looking for, and the other thing you need to be aware of is the conflict zone.

Which gets smaller and smaller with the passage of time, and you should not move away from it, otherwise your blood will spill for a moment.

PUBG: NEW STATE Apk Obb Download for Android IOS

PUBG: NEW STATE - Apps on Google Play

Despite the new changes in appearance, PUBG New State has the same familiar elements as Battle Royale.

100 player must fight on an island to end up with one person (or team). As usual, water areas limit the map area so more players can collide with each other.

For this reason, each tour will take about an hour and a half.

The game's control system hasn't changed much and like the previous title, players will be able to fully customize it.

Overall, PUBG New State is one of the most advanced and technically disjointed games for mobile devices, and it's less popular on the Android platform.

Beautiful graphics, new and attractive modes, the ability to customize game settings and a large number of players, are the features that set PubJie New State apart from other competitors.

PUBG: NEW STATE Apk Obb Download for Android IOS

PUBG: New State Features:

  • The continuation of Pabji Mobile in the future with faster and more attractive gameplay
  • Ultra-high graphics also challenge the power of new hardware.
  • Online map of 8.8 km away, open world with diverse environments
  • Futuristic weapons and machines such as drones and robots
  • An interactive game based on the next-generation movement
  • Realistic and dynamic gunpowder
  • Ability to play individually and play a team of four
  • Ability to customize the control system and game settings

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