Download LOST in Blue APK MOD for Android

Download LOST in Blue (Global) MOD APK for Android Full is an online game similar to Last Day mobile game for free with unlimited coins.

Version 1.97.1

LOST in Blue (Global) APK MOD for Android Download

Download LOST in Blue (Global) APK MOD for Android Full

The story of LOST in Blue takes place after the crash of American Airlines Flight 0413

Everything becomes key on a stormy night

When the plane took off from the ground without any technical problems but it suddenly disappeared in the sky after the pilot's announcement.

No one knows what happened to plane 0413 and what happened to its passengers, the flight in the Bermuda Triangle may have been difficult and may have crashed due to bad weather in the ocean.

In the new and entertaining game LOST in Blue, you play a survivor of this journey who survived an accident.

Shortly after the plane crash, unusual things happened.

There were many survivors who entered the island before you.

They formed different groups.

Sometimes we see conflict between them and sometimes they work together to achieve a common goal.

LOST in Blue (Global) APK MOD for Android Download

Oddly enough, none of them seemed to intend to leave this cursed place.

The island you will continue to live on is different from the rest of the world and has a unique and pure environment.

Rainforest, valley with raging river, glacier, volcano and wasteland would be a kind of place to live.

Elsewhere on the island, there is evidence of many lost civilizations.

Your surroundings are full of deadly elements.

To fight and survive, you have to build new shelters and homes for yourself without advanced tools.

You must be able to unite survivors to produce weapons, tools, clothing, medicine, food and other items necessary for your survival.

In this wonderful world, you have many choices: you can become creative and help others to survive, be a probe to solve all puzzles, or be a fighter to meet ancient creatures!

The choice is yours and you can change this choice at any time.

But rest assured, no matter which path you choose, you will not be left alone.

LOST in Blue (Global) APK MOD for Android Download

Features of LOST in Blue (Global)

  1. Enter an island full of secrets
  2. You will decide who is on the island
  3. Try to unite the young survivors
  4. You need resources to survive on this island, find them
  5. Fun and exciting game
  6. Great graphics with good sound

LOST in Blue is currently available for mobile and on the Play Store.

what are you waiting for?

You can now download the game presented in this article for free.

LOST in Blue (Global) APK MOD for Android Download


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