FIFA 14 MOD APK Full Unlocked for Android Download

Download FIFA 2014 Apk Full Unlocked OBB DATA Offline for Android is a sports game with 33 leagues, 600 teams, 16,000 players and 34 stadiums.

version | 1.3.6

FIFA 2014 APK OBB DATA for Android Download

Download FIFA 2014 APK OBB DATA for Android

FIFA 14 Android is one of the most popular football game series in FIFA, which despite the release of 2015 and 2016 versions, due to its ability to play offline, is still very popular among users.

FIFA 14 in this version has more than 33 tournaments with 600 teams and 16 thousand players; From the English Premier League to the Spanish League and the German Bundesliga they are all in this game!

There are more than 34 prestigious stadiums around the world, as well as the ability to listen and translate games into Italian, Spanish, German, French and English, which can provide you with one of the most real Android games.

The game's touch controls are also amazing in that they can be controlled by holding and dragging players to a point on the field, and powerful and intense shooting can be done with just one touch.

FIFA 2014 APK OBB DATA for Android Download

Game features:

  1. Fantastic graphics
  2. New touch controls
  3. 34 prestigious stadiums
  4. The game includes 33 championships and more than 600 teams
  5. Upgrade your game by unlocking three additional modes
  6. Buy and sell FIFA players to create your own fantasy team

Top Android for the first time and at the request of users has provided the update file and FIFA 14 update.

This update, which is less than 3MB in size, includes the latest changes, including the most recent player transfers through to the start of the 2018 season.

To update the game for the latest transfers of the 2021-2022 season, follow these instructions:

Download the zip file containing the 2021-2022 update ⬅ >>>Click here<<<

FIFA 2014 APK OBB DATA for Android Download


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