Manor Matters MOD APK Download for Android

Download Manor Matters MOD APK for Android and IOS (Unlimited Star Coins) Beautiful and amazing game Explore an ancient mansion full of secrets.

Version: 4.0.8

Download Manor Matters MOD APK for Android & IOS

Welcome to Wooden Castle or Castlewood. A big and beautiful mansion where there are many secrets and mysteries.

This huge mansion, after many years and the emergence of new modern cities and unique buildings, is old and no one uses it to live.

Now there are questions that may occupy all your minds!

Is this palace really uninhabited?

What are the secrets hidden behind the scenes?

And most importantly, why was this palace abandoned?

The answers to all your questions are hidden in the new and fun gameplay of Manor Matters, which you have to achieve by venturing into the story.

Players in the form of expert detectives will enter this strange and mysterious principality.

Your task is to discover the facts.

Go back and forth, explore everything you think is suspicious, look for clues in the different rooms of the mansion, and reveal all the secrets and mysteries of Castlewood.

Also, by renovating and decorating this old mansion, players can discover its hidden rooms, hidden objects and discover more mysteries.

Manor Matters MOD APK for Android & IOS Download

Manor Matters Features:

  1. Various puzzles for entertainment
  2. Various places to search
  3. Discover ancient and fascinating artifacts
  4. Having hidden rooms and hiding important things
  5. Fun and adventurous game
  6. Eye-catching graphic environment with unique sound

Manor Matters is currently rated 4.5 out of 5.0 on the Play Store.

what are you waiting for?

You can now download the game presented in this article for free.

Manor Matters MOD APK for Android & IOS Download


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