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A big part of First Touch Soccer 2022 (FTS 22) with a panorama focused on the new season.

In this third edition of FTS 22 that gives the go-ahead today

It brings with it a series of innovations and applications that I have implemented over the past few weeks and which we will explain below

First Touch Soccer 2022 FTS 22 OFFICIAL MOD APK Android

Complete coverage of the conversion period

The transfer market, which corresponds to the summer phase at the beginning of the month, ended with successful contracts at the last minute in favor of world football.

That's why we decided to wait for its completion to add only confirmed contracts. Notable examples are:
  • Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United
  • Leo Messi - Paris Saint-Germain
  • Griezmann - Atletico Madrid
  • Eduardo Camavinga - Real Madrid
  • Radamel Falcao - Rayo Vallecano
  • Sabitzer - Bayern Munich
  • Luc de Jong - Barcelona
  • Shaqiri and Jerome Boateng - Lyon
  • Sail and Lukaku - Chelsea
  • Franck Ribery - Salernitana
  • Jack Grealish - Manchester City.

These are just to name a few, you can see in detail the movements from start to finish

First Touch Soccer 2022 FTS 22 OFFICIAL MOD APK Android

UEFA Champions League 2022

The implementation that we have achieved in this third edition is the application of the official quotas for the ranked clubs.

Who will participate this year in the most important club championship.

Clubs that did not exist before but will now appear thanks to the fact that they managed to qualify

Like the case of Milan, Lille, Villarreal, Wolfsburg.

Malmö and of course the hero who will be the historical participation of the Sheriff of Tiraspol.

As if this news wasn't enough, I'm happy to announce the same with the Europa League

The stakes for both have been adjusted for this year i.e. you will be able to enjoy these two great updated tournaments.

Good news for football in the Americas

As we know that Europe is not everything, we also see again what is happening in South America

This season he joins his ranks specifically with internationally famous players such as Diego Costa to Atletico Mineiro, David Luiz to Flamengo and Luis.

From Advíncula to Boca Jrs, from Braian Romero to River Plate and many other moves.

In addition, we highlight the clubs that participate heavily in the Editors when they are added to the game

Such as Brazil's Atlético Mineiro, Barcelona in Guayaquil in Ecuador, among others.

First Touch Soccer 2022 FTS 22 OFFICIAL MOD APK Android

Liga MX 2021 inaugural finished

The Mexican League that cannot be absent is the most complete in all aspects that you can find in FTS

From the contracts completed, all crews and equipment have been detailed up to the current contract. championship in

This is the result of the update announced by the players a few days ago that will already be reflected here.

First Touch Soccer 2022 FTS 22 OFFICIAL MOD APK Android

What teams have been promoted this season?

In case you are not quite familiar with this topic

Let me give you a review of all the clubs that have achieved the goal of being promoted to the highest category and obviously in FTS you will find it already fully detailed

Clubs by country:

Norwich City, Watford, Brentford.
Rayo Vallecano, Mallorca, Espanyol.
Venice, Salernitana, Empoli.
Estack Trois, Claremont Foote.
Grether Forth, Bochum.
Strange fact:
Legendary French player Franck Ribery has been announced as the newly promoted Salertiana player in Serie A.

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First Touch Soccer 2022 FTS 22 OFFICIAL MOD APK Android


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