Download Hello Neighbor: Diaries APK Full for Android

Download the new Hello Neighbor Diaries APK for Android, full of dark and addictive adventures, now available for Android.

Version: 0.1

Hello Neighbor: Diaries APK Full Download for Android

Download Hello Neighbor: Diaries APK Full for Android

If you are interested in what the mysterious neighbor does, then you may be interested in Hello Neighbor Diaries APK.

With the release of Hello Neighbor Diaries, we found out that these are Hello Neighbor Diaries.
This stealth based quest game achieves extraordinary initial results thanks to its meticulous gameplay and excellent technical direction.

It remains to be seen if Hello Neighbor’s diary will last as long as it is seen, and whether it will receive regular updates.
The process of exposing the neighbors’ suspicious secrets is of interest to all rebel spokesmen.

To find out the truth about your neighbors, you go to neighbors’ houses to find clues, find keys to unlock, and do more, all in secret.

Hello Neighbor: Diaries APK Full Download for Android

This means that a person enters his home and searches for keys to unlock while moving to a new place.

As the title suggests, the new game is about two neighbors, one of whom goes to his neighbor’s house to find answers about his neighbor’s story.

When he saw something strange happening in the house next door, he immediately decided to act in a very drastic way.

After raping his neighbor’s house, he must search for evidence of the crime, invent a stunt, and avenge his own peace.

The protagonist must come up with an effective plan, the implementation of which can reveal all the secrets of your neighbors, and if you are lucky, use it yourself.

Each time you discover a new item, you continue the story, which is mostly about finding what your neighbors are hiding.

The game screen is painted in darker colors like sunset and night time which gives the user a terrifying feeling.

One is a move button, similar to a joystick, while the other allows you to click on the control to move around.


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