FMWhatsapp APK FMWA Download Latest Version - Anti-Ban

FMWhatsapp APK FMWA Download Latest Version - Anti-Ban fmwhatsapp 2020 from Mediafire, the latest version for Android devices.

Version 9.81

Continuous update of the fmwhatsapp application on the top Android website

FMWhatsapp APK FMWA Download Latest Version - Anti-Ban

FMWhatsapp APK FMWA Download Latest Version - Anti-Ban

FM WhatsApp is one of the most popular modified versions of the official WhatsApp which has attracted a lot of users in a short time.

Lots of people who have more than one active number on WhatsApp and are looking for a way to use these numbers at the same time, WhatsApp FM is the solution for you.

Download FMWhatsApp latest version

In the past, modified versions of the official WhatsApp application were made, such as YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp Plus, and other versions, but FM WhatsApp does the same.

By installing each of these unofficial versions, you will receive more features and capabilities than the original WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp APK is the latest version. The FM WhatsApp application is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application. This article will highlight the features, pros and cons. So, you must pay attention if you want to get the modified FM WhatsApp application

As it is known, we live in a modern world that relies heavily on communication. In general, with the advent of the smartphone, many messaging apps have entered the Play Store. Also, many people use different applications, but you can call WhatsApp as a king to communicate.

FMWhatsapp APK FMWA Download Latest Version - Anti-Ban

The sole purpose of this modified version is to provide more features, an easy-to-use interface, and required plugins.

Features of FMWhatsApp APK

The latest version of this app contains new additions and exclusive features, which we will describe below.

FMWhatsApp app allows you
You can replace the green theme of the original app with the desired color and choose it from the library.

You are free to add custom themes to your library, which has the ability to accept thousands of themes.
You can customize all app icons by changing the colors and icon graphics.

To stay more private, you can do the following.

You can add privacy tweaks to the app, allowing you to hide features like last seen, blue ticks, and double ticks.

You can deactivate the video calling feature, which is not possible in the original app.
You can use app lock, which allows you to set an app password. That's why you can efficiently secure your data.

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FMWhatsApp exclusive features

You do not need to save contacts to send messages. This application allows you to send messages to unsaved contacts.

The original app only lets you install three chats, but you can install 100 chats using this app.
You have a way to change the colors of groups, which is not present in the original app.

Safety features
There is a built-in app lock, which is not present in the original app. You can secure the application with a password.

You can secure conversations by adding pins to the chat.

Increase the limits
This app allows you to send messages to a large group of 500 people. The original app only allows 250 people.

You can send 60 images to a single recipient. The original app doesn't allow this.

Extra Features FMWhatsapp Android

  1. Ability to hide last appearance
  2. Ability to view contacts on the Internet
  3. The possibility of changing stickers
  4. Show a tick next to deleted messages
  5. Ability to crop long videos to 30 seconds to insert a story (status)
  6. Ability to hide the name and date when copying two or more messages
  7. The ability to change the application's appearance and change the application icon and notifications
  8. The ability to send original quality photos
  9. The ability to disable the audio / video call selectively or completely
  10. Ability to set privacy options (display a blue tick after responding to messages and ...)

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